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Benefits of Online Math Courses

More Flexible Schedule

Choose convenient hours that don't disrupt your family's routine. You can also split your sessions into 30-minute increments.

Record Sessions

With recorded sessions, you can easily go back to review lessons and concepts.

Don't Have To "Tidy UP"

Maybe just push your laundry pile out of the camera's view.
Teacher4u2 Online Tutoring

Evidence-driven Math instruction

From homework support to a detailed, individualized homeschooling plan, Our Math courses consist of best practices based on the most up-to-date research to provide instruction that meets your child’s needs.

Maht Courses

On-line Math Tutoring

Elementary Math Tutoring

Is your child having trouble with number sense, fractions, or rounding? This math course provides practical action steps for elementary students. Arithmetic is the foundation on which all other math concepts are built on, so it is crucial that if your child is falling behind, they must get help as soon as possible.

Pre-Algebra I, II, & III Tutoring

Pre-algebra is a math course designed to serve as a bridge between elementary mathematics and Algebra. This course prepare students for a standard high school algebraic course. Students are introduced to integers, fractions, square roots, step equations, linear equations and decimals and are taught how to solve basic equations using variables.

Algebra I, II, & III Tutoring

Algebra is a math course designed to cover a broad array of mathematical concepts from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division involving both constants and variables. Topics include combining like terms, solving linear equations in one variable, writing linear equations and quadratic equations.

Geometry Tutoring

Geometry is a core math course in high school. This class will guide you through concepts such as points, lines, planes, angles, parellel lines, traingles, similarity, trigonometry, quadrilaterials, transformations, circles, and areas.

Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Most high school curriculum recommend their students learn pre-calculus, as it helps them learn the basic foundations of calculus. In addition, learning pre-calculus helps your child gain the knowledge and confidence required when they move into a higher course that delves into complex calculus equations. Topics include the transformation of graphs, curve sketching, and identifying vertical and horizontal asymptotes.

Calculus I, II, & III Tutoring

Calculus is the mathematical study of change in a similar way geometry is about shapes and sizes. Calculus is divided into differential and integral calculus. Topic in this math course includes first and second derivative test, optimization, related rates, volumes of revolution, u-substitution, infinite series, and polar coordinates.

Your Challenge is Our Expertise


We specialize in addressing all ADHD-related challenges.

Learning Disabilities

Implement proven teaching methods including multi-sensory techniques.

Executive Functioning

Teach tools to improve organization, Time management, task completion and more.

Austim Spectrum

We embed instruction with visuals, structure, reinforcers and more in a supportive setting.

Reading, Writing and Math

Our Research-based methods lead to effective support in core courses.

Homeschool Tutoring and Homework Support

We make home-based learning efficient and seamless

Summer Academic Camps

We specialize in addressing all ADHD-related challenges

Adult Learning

We specialize in providing services for Adults of all ages. Our services range from GED Exam preparation, college level materials and other learning goals.


We are strong believers in teamwork. I love to connect with teachers, therapists, neuropsychologist and a host of others who may help me better understand your child. I work with your family to develop clear learning goals and define the type of data we will collect to track progress. With an Academic team in place, we know that with the right support your child can break through barriers and experience success.

What's Next

Steps to Success

Free Consultation

Here's your chance to speak about your child's history and challenges, along with your vision and goals. Our team of experts will answer any questions you have!

Student Assessment

Sit down with our team of experts to review your Child's academic evaluation. Our team focus in on the student's current needs and sets measureable goals.


After our assessment, a team of specialist comes together to choose the best tutor to complement you child's age, personality, learning issues, and academic goals. You will be introduced to the selected tutor in an email sharing the tutor's background, qualifications, and contact information. Continue with questions or schedule your first sessions.


Our Academic Coordinator checks-in with both you nd the tutor to evaluate how the program is going. We work as a team to modify the program as needed.


Your child achieve academic goals. Watch as they experience new confidence, develop better school attitudes, and build resilience.


At your request, we write a report which includes our assessment, tutoring history, instructional practices, and student progress notes. This can be helpful to coordinate services for your child and can be particularly useful if your child is completing the school IEP process which often requires response to intervention type data.

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